Mini Jam #2

I got reminded that it might be time for a follow up mini jam after the fun we had with the last one :)

No details yet, just touching ground to see who is keen.
Are you up for it? MUAHAHAHAHA


The game jam will be hosted on itch.io and span from October 25th to November 1st (may vary depending on your time zone, please check the page on itch.io)


The visual style will be Halloween :-)

The main theme and possible more constraints will be communicated before the start of the event.

Register now!

Only if you make it pumpkin themed ;p

LOL, ... maybe 😏

I could make a try! How long is a mini jam?

I'd say we do the same way as last time, a week. I have to check, I think it actually was 8 days. For the 'working' bees here I wanted to make sure that at least a full weekend is available for tinkering.

anyone else keen, folks?

Yep, I'm in.

Maybe - it depends on a few different things for me. I would like to compete if possible, of course.

I am in! I had a lot of fun in the previous one.

I'll sort it out this week, looking at my work schedule hopefully by mid week, latest towards the end. I imagine it to be the last week of October. Fair to say the visual theme will be Halloween, but the game style/type/restrictions theme will be announced once the jam starts.


And it's out, deal with it, LOL


Voting will be held on itchio after the jam closes, same as last time. It's so much easier ....

Live Long and ... SIGN UP

And as a reference the links to our first Jam, just for the ones that would like to see how it went last time :)



Couldn't help myself ... for the ones that might not read the forum that often ;)

:embed https://microstudio.io/TinkerSmith/attention/

Live Long ... and SIGN UP


7 participants so far :)

*** WE NEED YOU ***

Where is the rest of the gang :) Team up if that helps 😉


Gilles: @everyone I just released the statistics and achievements system for microStudio!
Keep track of how many lines of code you write, how many pixels you draw and much more!
Earn XP points when you work on your microStudio projects and level up!
Be rewarded with achievements when hitting significant milestones ... there are 43 such achievements to collect and more to come!

Especially, make sure to participate in the upcoming microStudio mini-jam #2, each game submission gets a dedicated achievement and there will also be trophies for the 3 best submissions :-)

Get going Folks, even more reason to sign up :)

The participants so far :)

Don't be shy, join the party


Latest count, we now have 16 participants :)

Still room for more, don't forget the dedicated achievement badge you can get ...


aaaand ... 17!

I am planning to send a newsletter tomorrow (Tuesday 19th)

Also I will see if I can quickly add a message onsite, for users that may not be checking the community at all.

@TinkerSmith maybe it would be good to edit your initial post and gather all the details here directly (especially the link to the itch.io jam page)?

What is a jam? Why should people participate? Is it for beginners or experts?

To keep it short (only have a few minutes ... at work ...) :

Game jam
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A game jam is a contest where participants try to make a video game from scratch. Depending on the format, participants might work independently, or in teams.

and: https://www.gamedeveloper.com/programming/why-should-you-participate-in-game-jams

It's a fun challenge between friends and suited to all knowledge levels.
Actually it is quite good for beginners, just read the above posted link.
Also, feel free to gang up with someone, it's even more fun in a team.

Here what has been submitted last time: https://itch.io/jam/first-microstudio-mini-jam/results

So jump into the water and sign up :)
And if you get stuck along the way, everyone here will help (Or I will get them ... MUAHAHA)


The latest count is : 22
Wow, well done folks. I am so looking forward to see what everyone comes up with. I will release the main theme (and restrictions) before the submission period starts, probably around Friday (my time ... NZ)

And I'm still missing some faces, LOL.


Sorry Tinkersmith, it turns out I won't be able to participate - if you mean me.

On the other hand, I can't believe that 23 people (newest update) are competing so far, that's incredible! Guess we should blame the organiser for that :)

Thank you for the explanation. I'll pass on this one as I'm a real just starting and I mean it beginner. I signed up to microStudio a while ago, did the tutorial, started a project, wrote less than 25 lines of codes, went on to do other thing and forget all about microStudio.

I just came back to it, and since I forgot everything I'm restarting from scratch.

So maybe next time, after I have created at least one game in microStudio, if I stick with it as I have a tendency to go towards every shiny things that catch my attention.


Go and check the Jam page for details :)

P.S. we are up to 24 participants, I hope now that all details are known even more might be tempted


  • Visual Theme: as already announced Halloween
  • Main Theme : TROUBLE .. and I know you folks can be ;) so let it all out
  • Restriction : 2 colors only, beside Black & White

The restriction explained:
You have to pick two colors, like "red" and "blue" or "magenta" and "red"; besides black, white and grey shades.
You can only use these two colors in your game (each color can still be declined in brighter or darker shades)

Example color palette provided by @gilles , here as an example he selected green and red


That's pretty cool. The game I'm currently working on has this palette limit (even without black and white). It is very do-able.

And the count is up to 25 :)

... actually just posting this so that the thread bumps up to the top again

@gilles I think for campaigns like this we could use a temporary 'Pin' option :)

I wondering if I'm the only one fighting to bring out with some good idea :D (pinging to make it on top again)

Wish I could join, lost my laptop.

@HomineLudens: No, I don't think so ;)

And we have our first submission ....

And I will have to remove it! Done in Unity and when you check the game page it looks like we have our first Jam Spammer. Submitted to an endless amount of Jams, LOL

I didn't even know that jam spammers are a thing :)

That is so weird... Why would you cheat on a game jam???

2 entries so far. How is everyone going :)

Third entry - https://microstudio.dev/i/JimB007/feedfrank/

NOICE ... Love the mechanics and the idea :)

Almost done... I will be doing some last checks tomorrow.

published! https://ogofkop.itch.io/treat-or-retreat https://microstudio.dev/i/Ogofkop/treatorretreat/

Don't forget, every submission gets an achievement badge and can vote ;)


28 signed up, 4 games have been submitted and only 17 hours to go :)

Even if unfinished, just show what you got.


Submit whatever you got :) Don't worry if it is not finished. So that you can vote and get your achievement.

We have 9 entries so far.

10 entries ... 1/2 hour to go

Now go and vote :)

Just in case you lost track during the voting: https://itch.io/jam/microstudio-mini-jam-2/unrated


Please vote for all games :)

15 hours to vote ... and still some missing. GO GO GO

The wait is over :)


We have an overall winner and different category winners too.

FIRST PLACE - 'Troubles Be Gone' by @Six Strings *CONGRATULATIONS*

Well deserved, I just love it, so many games in one ;)

2nd place: Treat or Retreat by @Ogofkop

3rd place: Halloween Trouble by @HomineLudens

4th place: Feed Frank by @JimB007

5th place: Spider vs Pumpkins by @pmgl (gilles)

6th place: Pumkin Soup by @TinkerSmith

7th place: Monster Troubles by @YelloeJ

8th place: Treat, Hit, Avoid by @pankusher

9th place: Soul Collector by @MrBoiiii

10th place: Trouble Raccoon by @The Programming Raccoon


I have to say I am impressed with the variety we see :)

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