1-click Mini Jam --- THE RESULTS ARE OUT ---

And here we go, the results are out :)


We have an overall winner and different category winners too.


Well deserved, I just love it.

2nd place: Reggie the Hedgie by our microMaster @Gilles

3rd place: Thief by @KimWijs

4th place: My Way by @TinkerSmith

5th place: Catch by @Elrobo

6th place: Run & Hit by @FEZfan

7th place: Hit-Tap by @mrpiay

8th place: Bubble Popper by @Crafterz125

9th place: Bubblanator by @MrBoi


Was so much fun and I'd love to see another Jam down the track. All submissions impressed me one way or the other and everyone can be proud for what they submitted. Well done guys, all of you :)

And as one says

Live Long and Tinker

Sweet. And yes well deserved for quick baseball.

Yeaaaah! Thanks everyone for participating, we had only great submissions, games were fun to play and original :-) Let's do this again!

Very special congratulations to the winner @Ogofkop, whose game was stunning, on topic, well crafted and fun!

Also big thanks to @TinkerSmith for organizing this jam, which was a big success (especially given the short time frame in which it was organized and started).

I am planning to create an award system in microStudio. Awards will be displayed on user's profile page. Once set up, I would like to distribute the following awards:

  • Mini-jam #1 participant: for everyone who submitted a game to the jam!
  • Mini-jam #1 manager: for @TinkerSmith
  • Mini-jam #1 winner! For @Ogofkop
  • Mini-jam #1 Most original, simple & effective game: for @KimWijs / SixStrings
  • Mini-jam #1 Best visuals & fun: well ... for me it seems :-P

I would love to do this again! (And actually finish participating this time LOL). Sorry I didn't manage to get to submitting @tinker_guy - I will see if I can finish the game I am working on and publish it :). I could have published, but glitches started popping up with the enemy system...

I wish I had more time - sigh - I want that mini-jam participant title :P!

And also a big congratulations for ogofkop - though I haven't actually managed to see the submissions yet because I've been so busy working on my game double sigh.

Congrats all!

P.S as a quick sidenote, I also think that it's good to see some new users on microstudio after the mini jam - mission 'popularise microstudio' is perhaps a success!! :D

Right, forgot to mention a few things as well.

@Gilles - It's great to hear that you are setting up a profile page for users! Excellent work, as always.

@Tinkersmith - Great job hosting the competition, and especially good job picking the theme and constraint for this mini-jam! Who else could have held the first microstudio mini-jam but the tinker_guy himself! :)

Also, I have a quite interesting idea for the 'constraint' of the next mini-jam if you struggle to think of one... * laughs evilly *

Edit: I have finally got to looking at all of the 1-click submissions (now that I am no longer working feverishly on my game). Looks great!

Furthermore, I have finally mostly 'finished' my 1 click game! There are still a few glitches, however, and since I have already missed the due date for the competition I am going to keep working and improving it (space or click to jump).

Please note that all art is by @anqii.

:embed https://microstudio.io/this_name_is_taken/1click2/WHH89934/

Whew ... That would have pushed me further down the rating.

LOL, just kidding, would have loved to see it in the line up, next time you better hurry up :)

I really like the concept and the execution, looking darn cool :)

You can literally complete the game with just one (very) long click... LOL

@Tinker_guy Thanks! I don't think it would have pushed it further down the rating at all, however. My way is still a much better game in my opinion.

Also, what kind of time frame would the next mini jam be in? Perhaps it is a good idea to start planning the mini jam now so we can get more people involved once the final date is established. And so that you don't have to stress as much over getting it organised at the last minute :).

Maybe we can even release some kind of announcement project (or something similar) to bring in those that rarely visit the community page!

@mrpiay Yep Lol. However, as I develop enemy patterns and maps that should no longer be the case. I am planning to create bossfights in the future as well.

I almost forgot, I wanted to offer a 1-year Code Ninja account to the winner. I will contact @Ogofkop to arrange this!

We should definitely start planning the next one. How about a mini-jam every 3 months or 4 months? Let me know what you think!

At this stage, my suggestion would be to do it every 2 or 3 months.

My proposed themes are:

  • Education
  • Minimalism
  • RPG
  • AI
  • 3D

I' d love another jam ... and better prepared this time :)
Yes, this one was thrown together in a rush, more to see if there is interest. And there seems to be a lot :)

Regarding that, what time frame ( length) do you folks fancy?

  • ultra short ... Long weekend maybe
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • ...

I like the idea of a 'promotional' project a lot. @gilles could maybe fix it to the top of the project list?
Or maybe an extra feature page. One where the promo project is on the top and a few selected feature games? Like jam winner games .. like the 'Hot' category in a way, just more permanent

I really did like the jam. For me would be ideal:

  • long weekend, or a week max, this is the most I spend on a project anyway ;)
  • every 3 / 4 months is fine

I like all the suggestions from mrpiay, except for 3D, since it would seriously limit the number of people who could / want to participate.


I wholeheartedly agree, but for me... erm... I need the week haha. And although 3d would definitely benefit me, I agree that it would likely lower participation.


I have a few proposed themes as well:

  • Point and click - Quite like this idea but it's very similar to this mini jam
  • No sprites/maps - Also like this but only because it benefits us 3d creators XD
  • RPG - Like this one as well.
  • Local multiplayer/couch party - I think this one would perhaps be the most interesting!

And about the promotional project - perhaps we could get our micromaster gilles to develop a 'news' or 'upcoming events' section (although not the most useful when we only have one competition, it could be useful in the future)

@gilles and @mrpiay

Every 2/3/4 months seems like a pretty good time frame to me.

I like all the themes suggestions! I think even 3D and AI can be proposed, provided we have an easy-to-use framework that people can use if they want to participate and don't feel capable of creating theirs. Could be a 3D equivalent to Quick Engine for 3D, or maybe the official 3D support when it becomes available. And some easily reusable neural network code for AI or anything like this.

I will certainly provide more visibility to the next jam, of course I can make it visible right in the microStudio interface and also I think I will send a newsletter to announce it.

Actually, I'm already working on a 3d engine at the moment! The goal for me is to create an easy to use framework that still has high level features (back-face culling, lighting via surface normal and light position, shadows, etc) and is still relatively fast.

Do I get the 'gilles approval' to attempt to make a 3d quick engine? ;)

Better ask him about his secret import option for premade 3D models too ;)

I loved to participate in the jam. I think there should be more of these. Great job everyone!

@this_name_is_taken of course you can make a 3D quick engine! I would love to see that :-)

@TinkerSmith the import of 3D models will be possible as soon as I release the first iteration of the official 3D API for microStudio. This won't happen very soon though (probably only in 2022) thus there is room and time for @this_name_is_taken's hand-crafted microScript 3D engine :-)

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