1-Click Mini Jam anyone ... ?

A bit bored and sometimes I have to motivate myself, LOL.

Just wondering, who would be keen to participate in a little mini jam? Also keen to see how many users actually frequent this forum, sometimes it looks like there are just a few 'same ones' that hang around here and on the Discord channel.

So what I thought is:
Create a mini game that only uses a single keypress/touch click as input. As in 'Anywhere on the screen Click', not as joystick, slider, etc.
That should be easy enough for all skill levels here.

Examples of games that work fine with just a single click input:

  • Flappy Bird
  • Endless Runner
  • Shooter
  • Clicker Game .. D'oh ...

So plenty possibilities, now just add your own creativity. Time frame? Maybe a week?
Just a little tiny game, could be easily thrown together from all the existing examples and plugins.

So what do you guys think. 1st price = exclusive bragging rights ;)

Live Long And Jam

This sounds cool. I would certainly enjoy doing something like this.

Let's see who else might be keen :)

I'm in ;)

count me in too :-)

I like the 1 week time frame which will allow to work on it casually with no pressure. I also like the 1-touch control requirement. Maybe you could also decide on a general theme which would be communicated on the first day?

I will also try to help with the communication, let me know when you have decided on the dates.

Can we submit something that we have already created in microStudio? And more than one project? ;)

I really had no fixed theme in mind, was kinda curious what would show up if the theme is open and the only requirement is 1-click. But on the other hand it makes sense to have one that is revealed at the start, otherwise everyone could start to tinker away right away, lol. So I will think about it. Suggestions welcome, bring it on guys :)

Midnight next Saturday to Midnight Saturday the week after (timezone to be decided on). Ok, that's a bit more than a week but would give the ones that are too busy during the week at least those weekend days. Again, open for suggestions, late night here, tired, and making things up as I go.

Now I already mentioned to reuse whatever stuff is already there. Same thought, to save busy bees the time to start something from scratch. And also to make it easier for script apprentices (does that sound politically correct?). If reused, credits would be nice if it is not your own stuff.

Everything should be submitted with the tag '1click'? Just have to think how we can fairly vote. was thinking of asking #gilles to be the final judge, but since he is keen too I don't wanna spoil his fun, lol, that is out of the question. Maybe only the ones that enter should be allowed to cast votes? But we have a whole week to decide how. But I'd be fine to judge too, not after wins, I'm just after the action and the push to do something.

What else ... I sleep over it. Have not thought of details because first I wanted to see if anyone is keen. Now that seems to be the case so

P.S. I think I have a theme ... MUAHAHAHAHA

And timezone, since we are spread left and right around the whole globe I would say GMT. Actually, lets make it Midnight Friday 11th of June to Midnight Saturday the week after. Yes, short notice, but then even the ones that have a full on work week have no excuse... and yes, I have no patience and want to get started...

And plenty of time for latecomers to join in, as said, only expecting a mini game, not the next No Man's Sky

Any objections, speak now or forever hold your peace :)

"Not the next No Man's Sky"


"The game combines the gameplay mechanics of Super Mario Bros. and No Man's Sky."

"No Mario's Sky was created by ASMB Games, a team based in Australia, for Ludum Dare 36 in 72 hours."

It has been done before

OMG, that is so cool, thanks for the link #Apples9, haven't seen that one before.

Oh oh, triggers all my tinker urges, now I know what I'm gonna do after this microJam :)

Let's not forget about Norman's sky: https://nothke.itch.io/normans-sky :-)

Gosh ... I'll be too busy for a jam ... LOL, nope, but dang, that's tempting tinker ground :)

P.S. no complains about the start date, so we go for it. Shall I post it as a new post? Under News?

#FeniX made the glorious suggestion to host it on itch.io ... I think I will do that.
As a side effect we get hopefully a bit more exposure for microStudio. Accounts are free if you want to submit your creation there.
I'll get onto it at my next break.

To clarify questions I received regarding the 1-click limitation.

"Control scheme is either to press a single keyboard key or tap anywhere on the screen"

So you can not 'zone' different screen areas for different actions. But still you can play with double clicks, timed delays, just everything you could do with a single key press. To add touch response is just so that it can also be played on mobile devices.

And I will release the main theme close to the start ... depends on when I wake up ;)

Frankly speaking, I thought "1-click" was the theme.

~3 hours to go, time to reveal the theme. It is:


No, this doesn't mean it has to be a car game, just get creative with the interpretation.

Have Fun

#mrpiay, first it was, but I liked #gilles suggestion to wrap a main theme around that restriction :)

Uh-oh, this is what I miss when not going on the forum for a few days...? I'll see what I can tinker up, I guess.

Obviously, for this competition my personal challenge is to make this 3d haha.

#this_name_is_taken , I was wondering where you were :)

Go for it, it's just for the fun


12 participants have signed up on the jam page , WOW, I have to admit that I am surprised :)

Thanks everyone

Quick question - although it is 'one click' can you make the mouse do different functions depending on where the user clicks on the screen (eg. clicking on the left side or right side of the screen) or do something depending on the position of the mouse (eg. mouse rotates the view)? Looking for loopholes...

And yep, I was working on my new 3d engine. I have plans in store for it mwahahaha

So how would you click the top left with the spacebar? HAHA ;)

As said:

As in 'Anywhere on the screen Click', not as joystick, slider, etc.

Has been asked from others, but that restriction is the challenge part ... beside the theme that is.

But you can do single tap/click, double, tripple, long, short, ... Just work from the premise of a single key click, the additional mouse just allows mobile device users to use it too.
I'll implement both. So you can either press the key or click with the mouse.

hmmmm i think i'll join

The more the merrier 🙂

15 Participants signed up so far :)

Looking forward to see what you guys are coming up with.

have a question, is right-click ok?

In hindsight (was not really thinking it through when I posted it) I should have maybe called '1-key tap' or '1-key tap that can also be triggered by mouse touch for mobile users ... or something like that. Next time I will be better :)

Create a mini game that only uses a single keypress/touch click as input.

I think many ignore the single keypress and put too much focus on the optional touch. That's why I added no sliders, joystick style, etc. etc. would be zoning of the screen, right-click (that would be a 2nd input) and alike.

Just concentrate on playing the game with one keypress (I don't care which one you prefer, SPACE, UP, the like). That is the challenge, a 1 button game (does that sound better?). With some creativity you can get multiple actions out of one press, if needed at all. If you look around there are quite a few games using only one key/touch.

So right-click .... only if you don't use the left-click then ;)

Sure, I am in. I love the idea and I think if this goes well we should do more of these


We have our first submission :) ... @Crafterz125 beat us all to it, HAHA, well done

I better get going, still fiddling around trying to make up my mind about the basic concept.
As in, got 2 ideas but not sure which one to pursue...

Just finished. Phew. I had some problems with Idea's, but settled on one. Hope you people like it.



5 submission so far.
The rest better hurry up, only 1 day left before the voting starts :)

Edit :

Make that 6 submissions. I created my game and nearly forgot to actually submit it to the jam Gosh

Roughly 5 hours left before the jam closes, please submit your games.


So far 7 have been submitted, so quite a few still missing. I just go for it, even if not finished.

Uh oh... Sorry @That_tinker_guy but I haven't had much time this week... I don't think I'll be able to make it :(.

I'll still publish the game belatedly - looks like I'll miss the deadline though. I've finished all of my game except enemies, some art, and all other finishing touches... sigh

Let me know when it's done. After the jam closes the public rating will be open, so in theory we could allow late submissions through that period, let's see what the rest of the microGang thinks.

The more we get, the better :)

Rating will be in multiple categories, you will see. Gilles suggested to recognize participants achievement by those and not just the overall ranking. That way everyone has a chance here or there. Getting confused with the time zones, but I think the ranking is open at least 3 days, if not even 4, we will see :)

And hey, as long as it's playable and shows the intend, post it :)


Each participant please go and cast your vote, you have 3 days to do so :)


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