Cloud Variables

Another thing from Scratch,its good for a highscore list or doing online multiplayer.

That's a nice suggestion. I had a quick look at cloud variables in Scratch. I was wondering how they could be implemented in a way that can't be cheated (like for example a client could send a fake high score to the leaderboard with some easy JavaScript hacking). It is still unclear to me if (and how) they can prevent this. I found that the variables also have quite a few limitations (only 10 variables per project, can store only numbers and can only be used by connected users who aren't "New Scratchers").

In the client/server features I am planning for microStudio, you will be able to code and run your own game server (in microScript) and the server will have it's own persistent storage system to store data globally for all players (thus quite similarly to cloud variables, but with many more possibilities). (see https://microstudio.dev/community/roadmap/network-programming/10/).

I will keep thinking about this, thanks for letting me know about cloud variables in Scratch!


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