Network programming

A new "Server" tab in your microStudio project will allow you to implement a game server in microScript, then run it and test it - in real time, always. You won't have to install a real server, it will all happen with a simple click to start your server, then make your game clients join the server and start an online multiplayer game. When you will come to export your project, you will be able to export the server app as a standalone NodeJS application, ready to install on a "real" server.

Oh boy!That idea is great!

What would the server instill? Do you mean being able to create an online game which connects players through the server?

  • Also, yes that sounds like a great idea! Good luck with it, considering all the stuff you've got on your plate...

Got a question about this upcoming feature, will we need Node.js to run servers? Because I have a Windows 7 32-bit laptop.

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