Your account is out of space

When this message shows up in microStudio, it means you are using more storage than actually allowed for your account tier. Most of the time, it just means you probably uploaded too many mp3 files.

What should you do?

  • check your projects and delete unnecessary mp3 files (music) or wav files (sounds)
  • if you are cloning your own projects as a way to make backups, just make sure to delete the mp3 / wav files from the backups, after all you don't need to backup these, you probably already have them on your hard drive :-)
  • If you really need to store all that music in your projects, you might consider supporting me on Patreon, which will give you extra storage, see https://www.patreon.com/microstudiodev :-) Online storage comes with a cost and this is how I can pay for the microStudio servers.

In the future (hopefully not too distant), you will also be able to download a standalone microStudio app which will allow you to work locally with plenty of disk space.

I can only admire all the work and effort @gilles puts into microStudio, thanks a lot for that.
Can't wait for all the goodies that are planned for the future, but since nothing comes for free I highly recommend, if you can afford it, to support this great project.
It's an investment into the future of microStudio.

Live Long And ... Support

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