microStudio Collisions with tiles

my simple case for collision with tiles is very simple I use this simple code for do it:

  // detect collision with tiles and back xy if it
  local currentTile = maps["map"].get(floor((player.x+768/2)/32),floor((player.y+512/2)/32))
  for collideSprite in collideSprites
    if (currentTile.startsWith(collideSprite)) then 
      player.x = oldx
      player.y = oldy

this code paste to end of update function

declare vars:

  local oldx = player.x
  local oldy = player.y
  local collideSprite = ""

declare list of sprite names to collide with

collideSprites = ["kust","baker","butchers","postoffice"]

Thats it !

Original subj about it in http://jkeks.ru/jkeks.ru/archives/20580