List of hotkeys in Microstudio

Since hotkeys don't seem to be documented anywhere, here's a list of the ones I know. This is a WIP. I'll be adding to it as I remember/find more. Contributions are very welcome.

I presume hotkeys may work or not depending on the browser (I'm on Brave, and a few don't work), and some keys may also be different on keyboard layouts from different countries (usually the symbol keys). One example is the comment/uncomment key. I'll list what I know from my keyboard, followed by any alternatives I know of in parentheses.

@HomineLudens pointed out on Discord that "the editor is based on Ace", so some or many of its hotkeys are the same. I'll be copying them here as I can.

(LMB, MMB and RMB are the Left, Middle and Right mouse buttons)

The list:

  • code editor

    • Misc

      • F1 - pops up a menu with actions (and hotkeys) (make sure code editor is focused)
      • F2 - toggle fold widget (not sure what that means, I pressed it and it folded the code-block around my cursor)
      • ctrl , - show text editor settings
      • ctrl Z - undo
      • ctrl Y (ctrl shift Z) - redo
      • ctrl F - find (make sure the code editor is focused, or the browser's finder will pop up instead)
      • ctrl H - find & replace
      • ctrl C - copy
      • ctrl X - cut
      • ctrl V - paste
      • ctrl ~ (ctrl /) - comment/uncomment line
      • ctrl shift ~ (ctrl shift /) - block comment/uncomment
      • ctrl up/down - scroll text up/down
      • ctrl shift up/down - cycle numbers under cursor, or certain words (get* <-> set*, maybe others) under cursor
      • alt E - go to next error
      • alt shift E - go to previous error
      • ctrl \ - move cursor to corresponding bracket (when cursor is next to a bracket, and on the inside of both)
    • Line

      • ctrl L - go to line
      • ctrl shift D - duplicate line downward
      • alt shift up/down - duplicate line up-/downward
      • alt up/down - move line up/down (doesn't work for me because one of my browser extensions uses it)
      • alt left/right - move cursor to start/end of line
      • ctrl D - delete line
    • Multicursors

      • ctrl alt up/down - add a cursor to the line above/below
      • ctrl LMB - add a cursor to the clicked line
      • ctrl K - select next occurrence of the selected text (or of the last one selected in this way, if nothing is selected)
      • ctrl shift K - select previous occurrence of the selected text (or of the last one selected in this way, if nothing is selected)
      • ctrl alt K - select all occurrences of the selected text
      • ctrl alt left/right - add previous/next occurrence of the selected text to the selection
      • alt LMB drag - select over multiple lines with multicursors
  • sprite editor

    • Misc

      • ctrl Z - undo
      • ctrl Y (ctrl shift Z) - redo
      • ctrl C - copy selection, or entire sprite if no selection
      • ctrl X - cut selection, or entire sprite if no selection
      • ctrl V - paste
      • space LMB - pan view
      • scroll wheel - zoom view
      • LMB(MMB) - use selected tool
      • RMB - quick eraser
      • alt - quick color picker
    • Selection tool

      • LBM drag - move selection
      • shift LMB drag - drag the selected pixels
      • alt LMB drag - drag a copy of the selected pixels

I think it should be added to the documentation :)

Another thing: When highlighting text, and pressing '/"/(/[/{, it surrounds the text with those characters (in the case of the parenthesis/square brackets/curly brackets, it puts the closing version at the end). If you press Tab while highlighting code, it indents all the lines you selected instead of replacing them with a single tab

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