Embed a microstudio app in your forum post or reply

You can now embed a microStudio app in your forum post (or reply) by typing a paragraph starting with :embed followed by the URL to your app. Example:

:embed https://microstudio.io/TinkerSmith/wormhole/

Note that the line is preceded and followed by a blank line, to ensure it is parsed as a separate paragraph.

It gives the following result:

:embed https://microstudio.io/TinkerSmith/wormhole/


YEAH, YOU DA MAN. Was trying that for ages, thx :)

Live Long And Tinker

oh, thanks! This'll be useful showing off cool stuff :P

Just a quick question.

I love embedding, but I think I'm overdoing it, LOL
I noticed that my 'Tales from the TinkerShed' thread is getting awfully slow. My guess, all the embedded projects it loads when I open it. Before I break it,is the only alternative to post them in separate threads?

Or, how difficult would it be to keep them 'inactive' and maybe have a play button there to start them on demand? Like they do on itch.io for example.


Love it. Gonna be shown some cool stuff when I make some:)

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