Create an animated sprite from a strip

You can turn an animation strip into an animated sprite in one click! Here is how to proceed:

  • Make sure that your strip length is an exact multiple of the individual sprite size, e.g. if your sprite is 16x16 and you have 10 animation frames, your strip must be exactly 160x16
  • If your strip image is not correctly sized, make a new sprite of the correct size and use select / copy /paste to effectively get your correct strip
  • Select the first 16x16 frame in your strip using the selection tool
  • A button "Strip to animation" shows up on the right. Click it. Done!

This can be especially useful after loading sprite sheets from an asset pack.

Note: the strip can be horizontal or vertical, it will work the same way.

You can watch me going through these steps with a funny English accent in this video: