Cheat sheet for microStudio

Hello everyone, I've been wanting to make an API cheat sheet for a long time and have just started working on it. If you have any suggestions, a desire to help, or any comments, write to me, I want to make it, if not perfect, then close to perfection so that it is useful for both beginners and more advanced programmers. Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/197a651za9ihZC9mdsLqbANxqhs3GChO7/view?usp=sharing

It's about 10% done for the first week (I do this in my free time)

Todo list:

  • ✔️ Drawing - color, drawing options, shapes, text, sprites and maps
  • ❌ Images
  • ❌ Inputs / Control
  • ❌ Sounds
  • ❌ Misc
  • ❌ File API
  • ❌ Assets
  • ❌ Project access API

Should provide examples on page 3 'Shapes' of how it will look? What else can fill this page with?

@gilles, if you're against me using images from your project, please let me know - I'll delete them

In your opinion, is it better to have everything in one document or to create a separate one for each topic?

I would be happy to help, how can I Collab? what do you need done?

Thanks @TedCodes!!!

In fact, at the moment it is difficult for me to say exactly what I need help with since the work has just begun, but if you have a desire to help and you are a native English speaker, I would ask you to look at and possibly edit the text that is now, because my level is about A2 and some things I translate programmatically. Translation into other languages is also planned, I will be able to translate into two languages.

You can give some kind of contact, maybe Discord or something else. If anything happens, I will know who I can contact

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