Thank you, Gilles! And a suggestion.

So, after this community feature was added I realise that Gilles has been getting way less recognition than should be allowed. So I just wanted to say this (keeping it short): The work you have been doing is amazing, Gilles, and keep it up :)! I think (and hope) I can speak for the community as a whole on this.

So, um... I also thought I would do a two for one to avoid spamming and add in an extra suggestion :P. I think it would be cool if we had similar categories for filtering projects as filtering projects - so three categories, (recent, top and hot) as well as a search bar. The search bar will be useful especially when the number of posts really increases (which it is already) and so will the rest. The 'recent' category is kind of already implemented but the top and hot could be decided depending on number of recent likes and comments. As mentioned earlier, this will be especially useful once we start getting more posts.

Lol, I was thinking of posting a thank you Gilles message too sometime, that man does so much work for the community :D

Although it's kind of ironic saying thank you and good job then giving him more work, but whatever :P

Yeah, once this gets to the 10 million user mark how are we going to find any comments, lol Maybe there should also be a spam report function, but we'll only need it once we get there.

O yes, Gilles is an amazing person. So much work put into this. And now There is a community that uses his work to create there amazing work. I love being a part of this community:)

Thank you !

I couldn't be happier, working on my dream project and seeing this community take shape :-) Your gratitude is a great source of motivation! I only wish I could spend even more time on it...

And regarding your suggestions: search bar, sort by new / latest activity (current sort) / popularity / likes: certainly yes!

Don't thank us yet Gilles, wait until microstudio has 10,000 registered users :D. And thanks for considering my suggestion!


Wait, doesn't that mean I get my first 'approved' title for this post? And I think I should make my motto. :)

You can't take my name if I take it first

Also, you forgot to put the 'approved' label next to the title of this post, I want to have my first legally approved suggestion haha ;). Although a 'implemented' label would be even better :P.

I would be crazy not to approve someone who thanks me! ;-)

Now we know how to get on your good side, haha! If you want a suggestion to be approved make sure to thank gilles first ;-)

I have added different options for sorting posts and a text search function!

Thank you!

You do amazing work, gilles, keep it up :)

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