Tags and references

So I see the community has adopted the @ as a way to tag or reply to someone. I think making it oficial like twitter did would be a nice adittion.

Some sort of a diffrent color to the sybmol and the username. Also if you click it you could go to that persons profile.

References would be similer, they would refer to a post not a user and it could use the & symbol. And the same functionalaty "click go to the post". I know you can do the same with links, but if you remeber the name of the post this is deffinetly easier.

These features aren't a necessity, but a fine quality of life improvement.

Hope you like my suggestions,

Cheers mrBoi

@MrBoi Definitely! Although, I don't think the & symbol should be used (it already is common to replace "and" with "&" in regular writing), maybe instead a post title could be surrounded like this: {Tags and references} ?

@JmeJuniper YES I thought that there should be a better alternative! Another idea is maybe for tagging people it could show the people that wrote a reply to that post and you could select a person to tag from there. You could tag by hand, but this would be much faster!

But this is a later idea of mine :D

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