QOL Changes to Editor

I would much rather use resources such as Tiled or various pixel art programs than use the in built microstudio sprite and map editors for a variety of quality-of-life factors:

  1. Keyboard shortcuts for pixel art editor

  2. Line tool for pixel art editor

  3. Fill tool all of colour tool for pixel art editor

  4. Fill tool for map editor

  5. Random of selection for map editor (tool which, when several tiles are selected, will make a random one of the selected tiles be placed on click)

I understand that not all of these will be simple to implement, but I feel that they are important changes to provide a nicer workflow for microstudio users.

Certainly! A few of these suggestions were made before and are already on my todo-list.

  1. About keyboard shortcuts, could you share a list of the keyboard shortcuts you would like to have? It seems you have experience with other pixel art drawing tools, which I don't have... what would be the most common / standard shortcuts to implement? It would help me a lot to have that list :-)

  2. Line tool: could it be "hold shift key to draw a straight line"?

  3. Yes definitely (<- means "I too need this feature" ;-) )

  4. Yes

  5. I will think about it. There are a few other improvements I would like to see in the map editor (like a proper zoom feature, map layers etc.) I also want to keep the feature set simple though!

  1. As far as pixel art shortcuts go, mostly I think ones for select and eyedropper are the most valuable.

Aseprite uses M for select and I for eyedropper

Piskel uses S for select and O or hold alt for eyedropper

It doesn't really matter, as long as something is there

  1. Yes that is a good idea

  2. :)

  3. :)

  4. This one isn't really necessary, other tools such as Tiled have this though, so maybe a .tmx importer would be nice? As I said though, this one is absolutely not a priority


In addition, gilles, I would like to report some very weird things that happen with the map editor when you use mymap.set() to set a sprite which is above the specified tile size, and that you cannot set a part of a sprite easily or a part of an animation as far as I have seen in the documentation. So: 1 - is it possible to set parts of a sprite or sprite animation for maps? 2 - is it possible to actually animate sprites in maps using one single sprite animation (eg. screen.setFrame or what the normal animation feature is)? 3 - is it possible to set a sprite above the specified sprite limit where you can control how it spawns (eg. whether the top left or right is the anchor)?

@anqii the EyeDropper tool is already bound to the Alt key, isn't it?

@this_name_is_taken the ability to use a large sprite as a tilemap sheet was added afterwards and the map API wasn't updated accordingly. I will check how I can improve this. Using animated sprites in maps to create animated maps would certainly be cool, something I need to look into!

Great! Amazing work as always! :)

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