posting drafts and back button on community?

Do you think maybe having a back button to move quicker between posts would be nice? It would make it a bit easier if you wanted to navigate back to a previous post, or maybe just back to the home page (although you can pretty easily do that by just clicking all)

Also, maybe you could have a way to save posts if you were working on something long and had to come back to it? Like having drafted posts in an individual section for each person that allows them to keep their work.

I hear you regarding the back button. There is none when I use the forum on my phone.

Long posts I sometimes prepare on Notepad or similar. Or I copy/ paste it into Notepad if I want to save it. Sure, that is just a work around.

What about doing "bacK" in your browser? ;)

I added it to the home screen on my phone, then it shows up like a standalone app ... As in, no back button.

I see, but what about doing "back" in your phone? It works for me...

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