'My Projects' page - tag (&search) bar?

Yes, yes, I tinker ... a lot

And the 'My Projects' page has reached the stage where I can hardly find stuff, LOL. So it needs something that helps me to keep things better organized and I bet I'm not the only one.

For sure folders would help, but looking at the options we already have, would it be much of a hassle to add the same 'Tag' and search bar we have on the 'Explore' section to the project section?

One can already define tags on the 'Publish' page, just no way of sorting by them on our projects page.

I experience this problem too, especially when I massively procrastinate on things like my pathtracer :). I think this would be great!

Sounds like a useful addition. I will be working on it :-)

Maybe we could add a search projects bar? Also due to the amount of times you might copy a project for backup, as well. Also shared and unshared projects could be added under the search bar as search criteria.

I have added a search bar ; it will search project titles, description and tags and filter out projects that do not match. Let me know if it does the trick or if there is a need for more (tag pills?).

*** THANK YOU ***

That should make life a bit easier :)

Live Long And Tinker

Great job, Gilles!

I noticed you implemented my suggestion for sorting the community as well ;)

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