Multi-layer maping

I see a great advantages of using microStudio instead of many code less platforms;

What I often find lacking in all 2D engines is a solid mapping mechanism.
The microStudio map editor is not a bad tool, but it might be improved to perfection.

While studying engines, I discovered a RPG Maker engines and among them there was one that stood out from the rest,
one that people still love using to this very day.
That engine was RPG Maker XP, and it wasn't because of better scripting, better features, or higher resolution,
newer engines had all of that, but the map editor in RMXP was simply the finest, and nothing could compete with it, and it still is today.

I'm not sure why RM developers opted to modify that, but as a result, individuals in the RM community continue to appreciate and favor RMXP for its mapping capabilities and I myself found to be one of them.

I realize this was a long narrative, so what I'd want to offer is a simple way to preview or layer maps.
I know we can draw maps on top of one other, but we'll need to improve on that to make this great.
So, instead of adding layers to maps, I recommend adding a sneak peek preview of the lower map or even better the ability to open semitransparent maps
below the map that you are working on.
The number of layers is also crucial, so I believe at least three maps should be stackable.
There are also several YouTube videos on how to do advanced mapping in RMXP to see some examples and advantages.

Note I'm not suggesting to redefine map editor to be more like RMXP, I'm simply suggesting to "steal" all the great features from there.

For now you can use any existing map as a background reference for new maps. You can use only one, but it helps to align objects.

Note: there you can also change the overall background color of the editor

@ThinkerSmith Yeah that is awesome, that is what we needed, I'm so sorry because I didn't know that.
I mainly draw on screen without using maps because back then this wasn't a feature.
I saw many great mind-blowing maps done with extensive layering, I did some myself but i found that task to be really hard in microStudio due to limits at the time so I just focused on drawing on screen directly.

In the meantime I found that microStudio has become my go to for everything apps, games, even intractable sites...

So Tank you @gilles for such a great platform and of course thanks everyone for making such an awesome community.

it doesnt work

it doesnt work

What doesn't work..???
You need to be a little more precise..

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