Mentoring system (or "micro Clubs"?)

Do you think you could be interested in a mentoring system, or "micro Club"? Here is how it could work:

(disclaimer: not trying to monetize microStudio at all costs ; microStudio will always be free ; just exploring ideas for additional services, this one was suggested to me by a member of the community)

  • you could create your own mentor account (or "micro Club"), for a monthly (or preferably yearly?) fee.
  • you can accept pupils into your group
  • the mentor is here to help pupils ; pupils can ask for help and give you access to their project. There are additional tools allowing you to chat with your pupil while visiting / fixing their project.
  • the mentor has access to a dashboard with a list of pending questions and interactions with pupils
  • the mentor can publish specific resources (documentation, tutorials, plugins and libs) for the pupils
  • the mentor is free to ask the pupils to pay a fee or subscription to be part of the club (but this part wouldn't be handled by microStudio).
  • the club could have its own "Explore" section, a dedicated micro Box, maybe a private forum too...

This system could fit well:

  • existing coding clubs, for which the mentor would have more tools to manage and help their group
  • teachers
  • anyone willing to run an online coding club, especially in their specific language / country... and maybe earn some money for it

Let me know how you feel about this idea!

That sounds cool and definitely has potential. Not my cup of tea to mentor or teach, but as you mention, coding clubs, teachers, etc. would benefit from it.
The dashboard sounds great, maybe add a 'Club-Forum' to it where project tasks can be posted and discussed.

I think it’s a great idea, but I’m a teacher so it just fits. It would be nice to have a feature where the students could fork a starter project that I make and I can view their progress periodically. Similar to Replit classrooms.

That's a great idea Gilles. I would potentially be interested. I've helped some people with their code and it's quite time consuming so I would have to think hard of a manageable format. Also very admirable that you want to keep microStudio free with all the time you put in!

Well, the moment you'll open your club for subscription I'll jump in 😁

As a teacher, I would use this type of service. Something that would also be interesting to add is the ability to show to all members of the club (or some members of the club) the mentor's or other pupil's projects/screens without third party software.

Sounds pretty good!

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