Inbuilt Hit boxes?

I feel like the ability to pick a sprite or select a tile and add a hit box would make development way faster. Also being able to group hit boxes and set different events on collision between groups of hit boxes would be nice. A few basic "types" of collison would be nice too. For example,

"Default" could detect all hit boxes in it's set group


```"Trigger" could trigger an event like changing maps or triggering a cutscene or damaging the player and so on```

```"Custom" could be a blank slate that detects any hit boxes  you tell it to (maybe not necessary, because you could just edit the 
parameters and behaviors of any of the aforementioned options)```

As an almost complete beginner who has pretty much no idea what i'm doing. It's pretty hard to wrap my head around writing a script to create and handle collision. That combined with not really knowing how to assign said collisions to sprites/tiles is kind of a roadblock.

I hope this doesn't sound like i'm complaining about not knowing how to script XD. I just feel as though it's unnecessary to have to script your own hit boxes into existence, and i think it would seriously increase the speed of the workflow for noobs "and" pros.

Collisions are quite a complex subject, everyone needs something different.
But I'm sure over time more libraries will show up and we never know what's on @gilles to-do list ;)
In the meantime, have you tried his Quickengine library?


In MicroStudio you have a physics engine library. See documentation - Optional graphics and libraries. (2D Physics Engine - matter.js)

If you check collision only for squares and rectangles then try the AABB algorithm.




ooOOOoo nice! i'll definitely check those out, but i think i might switch back to Solarus. Just because it has pretty much exactly what i need. I will however still use micro for small projects and prototyping, and who knows! When i get a little more experienced, i may be able to make bigger contributions than i have in my time on here

thank you all so much!

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