If you want to improve micro studio on (mobile/touchscreen device) here my few suggestions

Are you considering improving or adding better UI support for mobile? If so, I have suggestions that might help for those people who use Micro Studio on their mobile, tablet, or any touchscreen device. It would be cool if someone could do so.

Here's the list that should be added to improve mobile support:

  1. Adding a button for importing sprites/animations would allow users to open/import files by selecting them. Currently, I do this by downloading the project zip file, then unzipping it, adding the sprites I want to those folders, and then re-zipping it again. It's very frustrating to add sprites since there's no drag-and-drop feature on mobile, or at least not on my device.
  2. Introducing a new layout (Micro Studio layout) for mobile would significantly improve the quality of life for those who use Micro Studio on their phones. This would also fix issues with some buttons not showing on the editor layout since the space is too narrow.
  3. Adding mobile sprite editor support. Currently, it's optimal if you use it on a laptop or PC since it's designed that way. Adding mobile support for editing sprites would make editing or creating sprites easier.


  1. Creating a standalone Micro Studio app for mobile. My idea on how it may be achieved can be done in two ways. The first one is to make a wrapper for the Micro Studio app, which is still online since it's only wrapped in an app, but the UI/layout is customized to be more mobile-friendly. The second is more advanced: wrapping Micro Studio in an open-source terminal application so that all the necessary packages can be downloaded by the terminal application, either by pre-installed packages or by initializing the installation of required packages before Micro Studio can be run offline/local. I have done this on my mobile using an app named Termux, which is a basic Linux terminal environment. So, if someone knows how to wrap it in a terminal app, then it should be good to go, but it is complicated.