How about adding blockly?

How about adding blockly? (https://developers.google.com/blockly) There is already support for JavaScript, Python and Lua. So I don't think it will be very difficult to add. I think that would be very cool.

give it a try https://blockly-demo.appspot.com/static/demos/code/index.html

Microstudio is already easy to understand how to write code in, though this would be interesting.

You won't believe it!! but it is possible to add such block programming to Microstudio.

  1. The way is to add a new language mode (now there is MicroScript, Lua, JavaScript) - if you chose coding using blocks, instead of a text editor there would be a block editor as on the website whose address you provided - this would have to be done by the MicroStudio developer.

  2. By creating a plugin. You add the plugin to your project. You go to the plugin page and arrange the blocks there. Then you click generate code for MicroStudio and the plugin transfers the logic to the MicroStudio code. You can do this as a user. This can be done now. See how plugins work.

Not very difficult? I doubt that. You would have to write a custom generator to translate every block into microScript. But as @Loginus says, why don't you give it a go and create a plugin :)

I used things like Blockly, Scratch and Flowlab before. But in the end I always felt limited in the things I could do. That's why I ended up with microStudio. In the end it's not that different. You create functions for different purposes, organize them in libraries if you like, and then you 'plug' them together as needed.
I have more option to tinker with :)

My (superficial) experience with Blockly & Co. was that I spent more time searching for Sybmoles than writing code itself. From my point of view, it would be more practical if you would automatically color the handwritten code (like in Blockly).

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