So, recently microstudio has certainly been becoming much more popular. There are new projects almost daily (or at least every few days) and I am noticing more and more active people around! ^^

However, with this increase in popularity, I think that having a followers/following/watching system would be necessary. As microstudio gets more popular, it will be significantly harder to find projects that you want to see, and to filter them out from all the other projects in the 'hot' section. The solution for this is to incorporate followers/following, as then you would be able to follow those you want to see the projects of.

There would be a few things needed for this to work. First, I think a 'people' tab similar to the community would work, which would lead to a place where everyone has their own 'profiles' - you can search for a profile as well. Once you click on one, you can see a showcase of all the projects and can also click a 'follow' or 'watch' button to notify you of their newest public projects.

Then, every recent shared project of the users you are following would pop up in some kind of list above the explore section - so you can easily access the most recent projects of users that you want to see. This is a lot to do, (sorry gilles), but I think it would be a good change.

This is not necessary yet, but I think it might be in the future. For now, it would definitely make it easier to quickly find which projects I want to look at.

Technically, people have their own 'public page' already, which displays a list of their own published projects. https://microstudio.io/Abr00/ or https://microstudio.io/this_name_is_taken/ to name a few. You can find your own by going into settings and clicking on the link under public page, but anyone else's requires you to type their username in the place of your own in the url.

Yep, I've seen that before. However, if there was a place where all profiles where gathered, and there was a 'follow button'... that's what I am suggesting.

Yes! I will come to it gradually, maybe the first step would be indeed to improve the profile page with a description and profile pic.

Great, thanks! It doesn't need to be done anytime soon, of course.

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