Extra things for profiles

So I like the currant implementation of profiles and I know it will get better over time, but I thought about some good ideas for it.

  1. Community posts: It would be a list of your community posts in I guess a separate category in the profile called "Community" It would rank your posts by how many likes it got or something else.

  2. Featured projects, projects, in development: This would be similar to the community posts, but a little different too.

    Featured projects would be your most successful by likes, but probably a better thing would be if we could choose what projects are featured and what aren't.

    Normal projects would just be all of your projects that are public in a graphical list that everyone could view.

    In development would be projects that are public, but you are still working on them.

I would love for these features to be added I think most of us would, but if they were mentioned and I just didn't see them please let me know. Love to hear your opinion.