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Is there a way to implement Code Suggestions? Pls. If possible, I would fork me the git Repo and try it myself, even without knowing too much about that topic. Therefor we could use all the Data from all Coders to make like an AI Code generation - similar to GitHub-Copilot :D

Just google 'train your own AI model' and you'll see that that is definitely not a task for beginners.

Yes, would be nice, and if anyone here is up to it, GO FOR IT :)

Yeah you're basically right. But for the beginning it should be enough for Autocomplition with local, global variables and function and so on. Nothing "special" just compare the last input by the user with the names of all these things

For MicroScript 2 it would be possible to suggest names of functions and classes and variables.

I looked at the MicroStudio code to understand how it works.

When you press the run key, Microstudio starts a parser that turns all the code into tokens, and the tokens at the end into bytecode.

These tokens contain data about what instruction to execute when you run the program. But they also have a lot of additional information, such as what part of the code they refer to - this allows you to know which line contains the error.

MicroStudio also creates tables with the variables that have been created (but only after running the program).

So, if you wanted to have hints, MicroStudio would have to parse the entire code and generate tokens every time you edit the code (in practice, it would do this every dozen or so seconds when you edit the code).

This task is for a very good programmer who knows

  • node.js
  • javiescript
  • coffee
  • knows the MicroStudio code.

it would be pretty difficult because it requires a lot of steps

acquiring all the data, building a neural network to process it, then implementing it, repeated testing

It would be difficult, but if anyone is an AI expert, it would be useful

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