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So, after seeing this project: https://microstudio.dev/i/Nickname007/3dplatformer/ (Please note that it seems to be a joke)

I realised a problem with the 'cloning' system. As microstudio gets more popular, it is possible that people could start flooding the website with copies like this with minimal changes - I hope this doesn't happen but seeing scratch with it's 'remixes', it might. I don't mind one as a joke right now, but in the future it may become a problem.

So perhaps it might be a good idea to have a 'copied' or 'cloned' tag in the description of the project which links back to the original project, or something similar (again, like scratch with it's 'remixes'). This would hopefuly fix the problem, and if it didn't it would at least let people know what the original project was.

Again, this very well might not happen, however ^^

The cloned tag is certainly a good idea. For now, I have just unpublished two projects of this user (the other one was a straight copy of Lemmy long legs 2). Also reminds me I wanted to add a publishing checklist for the user:

  • this is an original work and not a straight copy of an existing project
  • Make sure you have created a nice icon for your project
  • If you used assets with a specific license, make sure to mention the author/license in the project description as requested by the author.

Yeah...Currently I'm working on a 3d platformer and I hope it won't be received as a copy of this_name_is_taken's project. Although I will have different levels and stuff, and I haven't actually remixed the project/copied any code straight from the project, it still is similar because it uses a lot of the same or veeery similar code. But I still need to get some collision working and goal boxes and all that stuff so it's nowhere near finished yet...

Good idea Gilles, especially the asset license reminder.

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