Awarding Titles for Microstudio Leveling

Awarding Titles for Microstudio Leveling

By this statement, I mean titles people can achieve and use (which would be displayed with their profile, maybe in a similar location to the founder titles and such) based on their level. For example, someone at level 10 could get a title such as "dedicated coder" or something. I've come up with a few suggestions for titles, such as:

Microstudio Marvel

Fledgling Coder


Game Creator

Established coder

Project Creator

Dedicated Coder (as I suggested earlier :D)

This could help microstudio more customisable, and also add more incentive towards the leveling system. On the flipside however, it could make people focus too much on leveling.

Another implementation of this idea could be to allow people to choose one of their achievements to showcase, where the picture would appear next to their profile.