Assets tab .GIF support.

Hi, I was trying to download a large .gif file into my project, and I noticed that there was no way to do so. I noticed that the assets tab supports images and other filetypes that aren't documented. I was hoping that this support could extend to .gif files as well so that I could draw a large gif on the screen.

Thank you, Abr00

Also, and I feel very strongly about this, it is pronounced gif.

There are several limits to file size

  1. The physical file size must be less than 5MB
  2. Graphic files can have a maximum size in pixels of 1000x1000.
  3. you can add files such as txt, json, ms (microstudio code), wav, mp3, png, jpeg, glib to the project.

gif - is an outdated format, has poor compression and does not support transparency. If you have a gif file, convert it to png on the online graphics conversion site.

gif is not a good idea imo. I tried to use it once, and it had a poor compression for no clear reason. Just turn them into an animation strip and then separate them in the sprites tab into the animation.

Hi, What about importing GIF in sprite for automatically create animated sprite ? Thing is, I have sprite of 256px large, but sheet with all the animation is 4000px large and so microstudio say "File size too large". It's right and wrong at the same time : the file it self is large, but after cutting, it'll only be 256px.

Cut the graphics in a graphics program (e.g. Gimp into smaller images). It's best to export only the parts you need.

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