Add more coding languages

Like C#, C++, C, Chicken, Scratch, and HTML <--- (Obviously jokes) :)

Any language that has a library providing translation to JavaScript (transpiler) or an interpreter of this language could be run in MicroStudio.

It is better to add importing javascript libraries to MicroStudio - then adding a new function to MicroScript would be easier.

If you need efficient code, look at WASM.

Try writing an iterpreter for the language https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainfuck

Ok I'll try my best

The issue with c#, c++, and ofc c is: They are all compiler, not interpreted. Basically, it means that compiled is first turned into something your cpu understands, then gets run. That is very slow under normal circumstances, and to view each change, users have to restart the game every time.

And interpreted means that the cpu looks at the file during runtime, and tries to understand what it does. This is more optimal for stuff like webpages, javascript and python. But it's also slower, like a lot.

I think that is a great idea, but I don't think that is very smart once we are spamming the servers with compiling requests. If you want to make games in C++, just use SDL2 and C++.

I also join with what Loginus said above, importing javascript libs is better.

What aboyt more functionality in microscript

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