A way to pick a tile by clicking on the map

While editing maps, it would be nice to be able to pick tiles by clicking on those that already exist in the map itself. So you could reuse the existing tiles more easily.

The middle-mouse-button would be great for this, as far as I'm concerned. Or Alt-LMB or something.

Unless there's already a way, and I just couldn't find it.

On a side note, the middle-mouse-button would also be my preferred way of panning the editing views, both for maps and sprites.

Nice suggestion! Alt-LMB would be the best I think, as we are using it for the eyedropper tool of the sprite editor already.

I like the middle-mouse-button pan idea :)

Yea, Alt-LMB came to my mind because of the eyedropper tool. I think it makes sense, since it's the same kind of functionality.

I almost forgot, btw, it might also be nice to be able to alt-click-drag to box select more tiles. :)

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