Standalone version

I will create and release a free, standalone, offline version of microStudio for Windows / macOS / Linux. You will be able to download it, install it and start working locally on your own projects. You will have the opportunity to use your own CVS to synchronize your sources with others if you are working as a team.

That would be great! Working on a project without relying on internet connection and without worrying about cloud storage limits - this sounds like a dream! MicroStudio is great. With this option it will be the best of it's class! (Can't wait for this)

So, thank you - and good luck!

Today I have a standalone build of microStudio which works completely offline :-) I still have an issue where I can't seem to load the canvas npm module because of some odd node module version problem. Otherwise it is working well. A few UI elements need to be reworked, such as the Explore section and Community not making sense in a standalone context.

The app uses Electron ; it uses a TCP port for communicating with itself... which is odd but also kinda cool because this way you can also test your games on your local browsers. It's a Mac app for now, but building on Windows should work exactly the same (and maybe without this canvas npm issue).

Now that I have the recipe, I will try to build one for PC/Windows. If anyone wants to help, building for Windows and Linux, it could be nice! I may document the recipe here sometime.

I can try to cook it on window.

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