Sound FX editor

microStudio currently allows you to produce simple sounds programmatically using audio.beep(). In addition to that, I am planning a full fledged editor for sound effects, just like we have one for sprites. The editor will allow you to create original sound effects using a built-in synthesizer engine (which is almost ready as of today). You will be able to use and modify sound presets, record the sounds you play and edit the recorded samples.

would definitely be useful for creating original sound effects for a game (or creating your own if you can't find any sound effects) How are you planning the sound editor? They have one on scratch, would it be similar to that? How long do you think will it take for completion?

This sounds very interesting indeed. Have you ever played with Sfxr which is a very neat little sfx generator? I would be intrigued to know how feature-rich you are shooting for compared to the Sfxr program. This has always been my go to app for creating many game sounds.

Not much of a secret, gilles already posted a 'preview' on the discord channel (are you on Discord?)


You can see it in action if you run the offline version in 'admin' mode, more info again on Discord.

I'm speechless!

That interface looks sweeter than candy, and this is truly something to look forward to.

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