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After we have a sound fx editor with an advanced synth engine at its core, what's next? I will build a sequencer right in microStudio, allowing you to create full music tracks with the best audio quality, for use in your game or to export for any other purpose!

Specific note on sound fx and music: as I need a few months more to get these features ready, I will start sooner by introducing a sound section and music section with just the possibility to import audio files and use them in your code.

It took me a lot of time to decide which form a "music editor" for microStudio should take. A few months ago, after exploring a lot of concepts and designs, I finally came up with a new idea of a simpler app, first dedicated to chiptune music, but still able to go beyond that. It will have wonderful features, such as realtime sound synthesis with a lot of controls, usability on smartphones / tablets or PC and a very slick UI. It will also come with limitations, but I believe that is the kind of limitations that can boost your creativity!

Oh and the best part is that I am building the app with microStudio.

I am planning to include the app in the music tab in microStudio, quite obviously. But I am also considering releasing it as a standalone music application, maybe on itch.io, Steam, Play Store and App Store!

I am setting the progress to 60%, which I think is quite accurate. I would say the UI is 90% done, the sound synthesis, audio mixing and mastering is also 90% done (just needs some fine tuning). What remains to be done is the underlying sequencing engine, saving files, audio export...

im all for this idea. as well if you are looking for sprites and animations im your guy, I'm a Hugh fan and supporter of micro studio for it was what i started with and will end with. im also a music producer for artists in the rap industry and credentials to verified. as for the idea i say bring it on for it will be great as you've always bring to the world ..... jewco , jewcojudo@gmail.com

cool idea

@gilles, If you wouldn't mind I'm interested in the development of micro studio and would like to help. i know some html/css/js, but im most fluent in python.

@gilles I hope you didn't forget the music editor. It's been a year.

personally i'd really like a in editor music editor cause' I dont have a music editor

Hello, @giles It says in good progress but its be months at 60% Whats happening? I think if the community could help with developing micro studio it would go 20x faster

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