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I would love to see microStudio used in schools. I don't have a precise idea yet of what is needed to make that easier, but I have started working on this with education workers to better understand their needs and requirements.

Hi, As a teacher using microStudio, I'd welcome the option to share projects "privately".

Thanks for this feedback, I see what you mean, that would be an interesting feature to have.

I have no precise idea of what kind of features would make microStudio great for studying in classrooms. What I just have in mind is a feature allowing to create classrooms, each one of these having a list of students working as sub-accounts of the teacher's account ; the teacher would be able to access and interact with the projects created by the students. The teacher could also expose some of his private projects to the classroom (like templates, tutorials etc.)

I am interested in hearing back from you teachers, what features would you need to use microStudio more effectively in classrooms? Please comment in this thread!

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