Android builder

microStudio currently offers export options to HTML5, Windows, Linux and macOS. I will provide additional export modules for Android (APK), so that you can easily submit your games to the Play Store.

This is a fantastic idea. How can the community assist?

I push the (for now) imaginary Like button ;)

Oh, this sounds great! I agree, push the like and subscribe button for this idea!

On the topic of that, we could also add a like system to the community for some posts as well (although you look pretty busy so I doubt it will happen anytime soon, if at all)

Finally got it to work, Android builder is live!

That's fantastic. Please include also in offline version. Thanks!

There are a few minor bugs, that I am gonna report. First off, apps that use the camera, or something that requires the system to allow it, it won't work. And second, sometimes the apps don't load. You see the bar flash, and then it doesn't work. This bug usually occurs within large game, like MicroPinball. But else, it's already pretty good.

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