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Is anyone in need of a leaderboard feature? Look no further! I've made an online API that can easily be implemented via the http request library by DeRaNGeR! Some basic documentation is shown below. If anyone needs to store more than the highscore and the username, customization is possible. Also, to get a leaderboard, please reply below.

Getting the leaderboard contents

Simply make an HTTP GET request to https://leaderboard.jmeow.net/[Leaderboard ID]/get/, and it will return a JSON array. (accessible through response.data)

Setting someone's score

Make an HTTP GET request to https://leaderboard.jmeow.net/[Leaderboard ID]/set/?name=[Username]&score=[Score], and it will

  1. Check if that user exists,
  2. If that user doesn't exist, add a new user,
  3. Check if the inputted score is higher that their previous score,
  4. and if 3 is true, update their score.

DISCLAIMER: These leaderboards are not very hard to hack. Jmeow and jmeow.net are (probably) not responsible for any loss of or fake data.

Reply now for more information!

Hi Jmeow, this would be fantastic for a game I am working on! Replying here to get a leaderboard + more info :)

Hi, sorry for the late response! What would you like the ID of your leaderboard to be? Also, what do you need the leaderboard to store? The leaderboard stores name and score by default. This is enough for a lot of games, but some games require other things like statistics.

Also, the leaderboards are currently under maintenance because a friend who uses this had to have very high scores (like over 10000000000000000000), and my setup didn't support that, so it will be fixed soon.

The leaderboards are fixed!

No worries, could my ID be [removed]? Name and score is all I would need, so the default is perfect. Thanks for setting this up!

All right! I can't set it up right now, but I'll do it either tomorrow or the next day. I'll tell you when it's done!

It should work now. Good luck!

P.S. For testing, try entering the text in a new tab, it should show a preview of the output!
P.P.S. You might want to edit the ID out of your reply so it isn't public for anyone.

Thanks! I'll try it out sometime this week and let you know if I have any questions

I just noticed that the leaderboard file was not quite right. If it wasn't working, it might work now!

(The file was empty instead of containing [] like it should. JSON is weird.)

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