just made this acc to wonder what files are currently and in future will be able to be imported

mostly wondering about .svg .tmx .wav OR mp3

You can already import .wav and .mp3 files (in sounds tab and music tab of your project). You can also import PNG and JPG files to the sprite editor.

In the future, there will be an additional "assets" tab allowing you to import more file formats, to be used in your project:

  • typeface files like ttf and woff files, allowing you to use any font for text rendering
  • JSON files, which you could load and access (as microScript objects) from your code
  • GLTF / GLB files for 3D models, maybe FBX files too, when 3D support will be enabled
  • I will certainly enable dropping PNG / JPG files to the assets folder too, to import images that wouldn't really make sense opening with the sprite editor (think a 4096x4096 texture for example)

I don't know yet for SVG files but this would certainly nice to have, I will look into it sometime.

From what I have just read about TMX files, it seems they can be converted to a JSON form, which would make it possible to import and access them from your project code.

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