Game Ideas ... Oldies But Goodies

One might wonder why I post links to completely antiquated vintage games here.

I actually use these 'old' resources quite often, firstly to get ideas, secondly to learn. It is a proven fact that one of the best ways to learn is to copy , nothing wrong with that.

By copying someone, you learn how that someone thinks. In essence, you aren't just copying actions, you copy understanding!

The limitations 'back then' forced one to be very creative and some of the tactics used are still of use nowadays. So have a look at these old classics and maybe feel inspired to grab one or the other of these 'simple' games and spice it up with some music, graphics, etc.
... I dare you ! 😉

The Links:

Live Long And Tinker

I agree! Old classics often have great ideas, as tons of new games these days are just re-using these old ideas. And also, sometimes simple is best - not that you would know it from what I code ;). Last off, the old classics are certainly a great place to start as well - since there were massive space limitations often the code is relatively 'simple' by today's standards.

Long live tinkersquad!

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