Using this at a school

Hi guys, I'd like to try to use this at my school. At home I am able to use it without any issues but at school, when I press 'run/play', it is unable to compile/load.

I think this might be the school firewall blocking it. I'll be able to talk to the IT guy at school and unblock it but is there anything specific I need to know to get this to work?

ctrl-shift-i - browser console. See what it shows. All red is problems.

Many things can cause such problems

  • slow network performance
  • browser plugins (which block scripts)
  • too little memory
  • old equipment
  • no graphics card drivers in the system (no support for WebGL). Do the test https://get.webgl.org/ - do you see the cube rotating? Computers with Windows XP and Vista will definitely not have WebGL, I personally tested it and gave up. On the same computers under Linux also WebGL did not work.

The behavior you described is the same as I had when I wanted to run a project requiring the PIXI.js or BABYLON.js library. I press run and the program does not work. As I pressed ctrl-shift-I - I saw a red message that there is no support for WebGL in the browser.

  • certain addresses or ports are blocked.

  • the browser should be up-to-date - the old ones, apart from the lack of support for WebGL, also have a different version of javascript. The new javascript has language components that old browsers don't understand.

I checked the operation of MicroStudio on

  • Windows 8.1 Firefox version 95-104 - status OK

  • Windows 8.1 Chrome version 100 - 104 - status OK

  • Windows Vista / XP (32 bit) - Firefox ESR 52.9.0 - WebGL not work

  • Windows Chrome / XP (32 bit) - Chrome 49 - WebGL not work

I am using the offline version of MicroStudio (Node.js + MicroStudio + windows 8.1 64 bit). Works well . Start the local server - https://github.com/pmgl/microstudio

Does it affect all games you try to run from the Explore section? Or just the ones that you create?

One thing that comes to mind:
The Editor runs on microStudio.dev/,
the games run on microStudio.io/

When you run your project in the microStudio editor (on microstudio.dev), it opens an iframe on anther domain, microstudio.io (it has to be this way for security reasons). So my guess is that in your school environment, a web page wouldn't be allowed to open an iframe on a different domain?

Or maybe any iframe is disallowed by default?

So I would ask the IT guy if it would be possible to allow cross-domain iframes, after explaining the problem of course.

Also as @Loginus says, you should see something in the browser console, which might help too...

Let me know your findings, I would be interested to know how it fails and which steps you must take to fix it!

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