Transparent pixels aren't transparent in map maker

For some reason, when using the map maker tool for microstudio, i cannot add something on top of another piece of art without it being fully cut, even though the area that is cut is supposed to be transparent. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks.

Are you trying to put pieces on top of each other? The map editor only allows for one item for each grid area.

If so, for that you would use multiple maps that you later draw on top of each other. Like layer1, layer2, etc.

If you work on a map that goes on top of another there is a nice feature in the map editor. Where you can select the editor background color (at the bottom), you can also select any already existing map as reference background.

I hope this helps

Live Long and Tinker

That makes a lot of sense! Thank you.

I was thinking of how to overlay things on my map like tall grass. This information is useful to me as well. thank you TinkerSmith

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