I am running an old xp era pc. microstudio ide works great on it I am really enjoying coding. My question is about game speed. Would it be faster to draw many small sprites or combine them into one larger sprite. Actually any performance tips specific to microstudio would be appreciated. Also I've read that making projects public is meant for original finished projects is there an appropriate place on the forum for posting larger (200 line) pieces of code for feedback?

As far as performance is concerned, I managed to overload the program only with "for" cycles. This is especially true of drawing something using a loop. If there are too many iterations, the fps will drop. Track fps constantly, and you will be able to see which line of code you entered will start overloading the process. You can draw a lot of small sprites, and then combine them, but it's better to use a map for this. If you want to get some feedback, write here on the forum. For example, you can make a project public, but mark it as "not in the list", then it will not be displayed in the main section of "explorer", but will be available only via a link that you can specify here on the forum and ask your question about this code.

Thanks for the reply,unfortunately my code is packed with for loops!! Its an isometric game that may prove to be more than my pc can run the way I have tried to code it. Im getting 15 - 19 fps in the offline editor right now only displaying a basic level.

control instructions are in the docs


I get 40-50fps in your online code.

Thanks for trying my code, Its good to hear the code runs decent. I am probably just going to have to come up with a newer pc to run anything more than a simple game.

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