Someone updated my project - and I don't know what MicroStudio mechanisms made it possible.

I imported the project I was working on locally (node.js) to the MicroStudio website.

I published the project address on the community forum. (The project is not visible on the list of projects in the "new" section).

After some time, I was browsing new projects and every time I clicked on a project to view it, a message appeared saying "import code (something)".

I've never seen this message before. I thought someone had downloaded my project that I recently shared.

So when I was browsing through the next project and this message appeared again, I clicked on it. It's possible that another window appeared and I clicked yes - but I did it so quickly that I didn't remember the details.

Then a message appeared that the import was successful.

I thought I provided a link to the project but I didn't make it public and that's why this message.

So I opened my last project I uploaded to change the settings and I see that someone has added code and graphics to it. (This project had no other users added who could edit it.)

Can you explain to me how this happened??

When you are browsing public projects and you have a project open in the "Create" tab, you have this option to import a file (source code, sprite) in your own current project. You just click the "import" button and a copy is added to your project. I guess that is what happened here?

Yes !! :-) I imported this file myself!!

I didn't know such a thing existed - it was the first time I saw this message.

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