questions for which I did not find the answer in the documentation


I wanna to try microstudio, but before i want to know how to:

  • How add external sdk for ad, iap, leaderboard or analitycs? Something like firebase sdk, play games sdk etc...
  • How to publish apk in Play Market

thanks for answers

For this, you can rely on the JavaScript interoperability with the microStudio engine:

I will document this more extensively in the future, but it is quite simple to do already.

Regarding publishing in the Google Play Store: once you have inserted your changes to incorporate your ad or iap SDK, you can build the app as an Android Application Bundle (AAB) with Cordova. AAB replaces the old APK for publishing on the play store. The one-click Android Builder in microStudio doesn't generate AAB yet, but anyways if you need to insert specific code for supporting external APIs, you will need to export in HTML5 and take the Cordova route.

Edit: see https://github.com/pmgl/microstudio/wiki/en-Extending-Exported-Game for more details on how to export, extend and then build your game.

Thanks you very much! So very helpful!

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