microStudio to build website?

Hello friends,

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to build a website using microStudio. My website for my small business needs an update. I'm thinking about making it in mS.


  • It would be easy and fast
  • I could integrate unique features on my website that templates can't offer
  • It would be fun


  • A bit harder to update, since you have to edit the code
  • loading time?
  • impossible to get info from a client and to send it to me?

And maybe I'm completely overlooking something crucial...


You can.Well not really a website,more like a web-game/web-app.Simply open your project,go to the publish tab,scroll down and you'll see some options in there.Export to HTML5 turns it into a zip file with the html stuff in there,you can add your html to some recommended websites in the publish tab.

Hope that helps!

Although,using microStudio isn't great for making websites.Use HTML to make yourself a website.Its pretty easy to learn.HTML is an easier way of making websites.Using microStudio for things such as search bars or text boxes is hard.So I recommend not use microStudio for websites.

Thanks for your thoughts. My website would mostly be informational only. I've used HTML before, but I think using mS would be more fun ;)

I think if I upload the exported HTML to a server it would work right?

I wouldn't recommend making a website with microStudio, unless you are 100% sure you don't need any of the following:

  • SEO ; a microStudio game / project won't present any text to be referenced by search engine bots ; if you want to be correctly ranked on Google, that's a showstopper.
  • ability for the visitor to select / copy /paste text
  • ability for you to collect information / messages / requests from the visitor

If you go for a traditional HTML website, you could still easily display a microStudio app in the background for a cool, animated background :-)

Thanks for the reply, I'll probably do that then, an HTML-page combined with microStudio.

Hmmm, that's certainly a good idea. You could probably use microstudio for informative animations as well :)

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