MicroStudio Runtime?

I'm currently working on a library that should be very useful when it's finished, but for it, I need to create a Screen instance. The Screen constructor requires a runtime, or it eventually causes an error. I've found the Runtime class in the source code, but not where the actual runtime of the project is stored. Does anyone know where it is, or if it's even accessible?

Update: I've done some more digging, and I've found that window.player contains a lot of useful information, including the runtime.

Not sure what you try to do, would it be enough to create a screen size image and use that one?

I'm trying to trick other functions into drawing without using the built-in screen. In this case, I need the API to be exactly the same, to make sure the results are consistent. The only other solutions I can think of at the moment are: storing the screen in a separate image and using the screen itself to draw, or completely remaking the MicroStudio screen API.

Hey man. You will not believe . I also fiddled with the MicroStudio code. I also needed to know how they work from the inside.

This is a link to an example of how to get the path where the runtime is.


And now I can assure you that I can also modify screen methods, and the code was written in such a way that other elements of this class did not have to be modified for proper operation.

I can even add a new method to the class from which the screen object is created and you can call this method from MicroScript.


My FastRGB library was originally created this way and was intended to replace the screen object. But I decided to simplify it because no one would know how it works.

Now tell me what you're working on.

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