MicroScript elsewhere?

Just wonder - does MicroScript analog exist somwhere else? Like Linux C++ library/extension or maybee entire studio with compiler?

Working with arrays of objects in C++ is painnfully, if I want an array, like: [int, int, int [obj, obj]], especially if size of this array is not set (leave to expand if needed).

All this is easy to use in MicroScript, but pain in... well, can imagine... in C++.

Or in class (object) can create foo = false

And call like: if(foo) then foo(val) end

So I can create bool foo value, but later set:

o = new obj
o.foo = function(val) something end

so 'default' foo now not false but a function now.

So really useful features is:

//Creating object so easy!
obj = class
  //Yeah its easy constructor
  constructor = function(a, b)
    this.a = a
    this.b = b
    this.foo = false
  //And we can make inside function!
  func = function(a, b)
    this.a = a  //Note, that a != this.a, becase function have intake `a`
    this.b = b  //Same to `b`

//Creating array of unset length (theoretically infinite)
newObjects = []
//And just push to it! Its so nice ;)
//Not just `push`, but push new instance of object (class)!
newObjects.push(new obj(2, 3))

//And just like that get that instance as some `object` `pointer`
object = newObjects[0]
//And easy do things with this object in array!
//More of that! We can change `foo` from boolean `false` to function! Thats amazing!
object.foo = function(a, b) this.c = a + b end
//Did you notice this.c? Yeah, we can use a unexistant variable and it will be created if not exists! Amazing!

//Non-less - we can just add to our object (single instance in array) a new unexistant before function! Marvellous!
object.foo2 = function(c) a = c end

So much helpful functions, so much abilites!

If that just exist as some terminal-based solution (IDE - compiler)...

Does anyone have suggestions?