IDE slowdown on large project

Does anyone else experience IDE slowdown or unresponsiveness on large projects? My current project is relatively large and the more I add to it the slower the iDE seems to become. Sometimes hanging for a few seconds

My pc is quite average (i3). Internet connection speed is high. I think the slow down is caused by microStudio auto-saving and syncing the changes very frequently.

I mostly get that when the game is in 'run' mode while I edit, then it can get very laggy.
In that case it helps to keep the game in 'pause' mode until all edits are done.

But my projects are not that big :)

Not too much. Though sometimes I feel like I experience slowdowns to my projects when the code is quite big - though it could just be me.

Slowdowns are most often caused by the console output ; when there is too much output done to the console (which quickly happens when you are logging different stuff 60 times per second), the console is easily overwhelmed and causes freezes of the entire browser. I can probably improve that by using a plain textarea for the console (instead of a HTML div for every line, as it is currently working). Wouldn't look as good but would probably work much faster. I will look into it.

Speaking of which, I use a simple delayprint function to try and avoid flooding the console as I did come across such a situation before. Essentially I just add in a timer delay and print after x amount of milliseconds have elapsed.

Regarding the slowdown, I restarted my PC and carried on with the project again. It feels much better now so perhaps something was overloading the system resources.

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