I couldn't find where to add the forum column

I built a microstudio for the students locally, but I couldn't find where to add the forum column when I entered the forum. If there is no column, you will not be able to post. How to solve this problem? Thank you!

In my opinion, it is not possible to use the community - there is no code to configure and administer the community.

Try to base the communication on another external project to create a community/forum.

If someone knows how to create servers, they will tell you whether it is easy to add a snipet with community and the code that will handle it.

So, to answer. It's not that hard to do the community thing and just send the message from the local micro studio to the online one IF the microstudio is set up to handle that, I could try though. it's mostly like trying to replicate the request sent to the Microstido servers, To put simply it would be much easier to make a community form itself then do this, but I will work on it for a little but and see what I can do.

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