I can't find the mail sending setting function

After the microstudio is built locally, I can't find the mail sending setting function, how to add this function, otherwise the user's mailbox can't be verified and can't use many functions, is there a way to skip verifying the mailbox and use all the functions?

When you set up an account locally

  • start the MicroStuio server from the console, via npm start in the "server" directory
  • after creating an account, go to the settings section
  • there is a button to resend verification
  • perform verification again
  • quickly look in the console, there will be the content of the email, we are interested in a line with content starting with https://microstudio .... and a long string of random characters.
  • copy this link to your browser and replace the beginning with localhost:8080/........ do not change the rest.

You can go into the user folder, sorry, forgot where it is, and validate manually by setting a flag.


order doesn't matter

You have to restart the server afterwards, details are on Discord (search for verify)

@Logius I only see this from console:received: {"name":"send_validation_mail","request_id":2}

Insert "validated" into user settings: true did work. Is there an easier way to do it? Otherwise, you have to modify the database manually every time.

whatelse content:"flags":{"newsletter":false,"profile_image":true,"validated":true}

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