I am not sure what this is..

I would like to tell you guys something I just encountered.

Someone from microStudio wanted to do a collab with me, but the thing was that I didn't even want to do a collab project, didn't even mention it and this person popped from nowhere. Is this something I should worry about or not?

Sometimes, people will just appear who want to collab. I think it's usually because they can't code well and want someone else to do the heavy lifting for their Cool New Game Idea, so they go to some developer community and take potshots at people's dms until someone responds. I don't think it's something you should worry about, I doubt that you were the only person that they contacted. Just ignore them, and don't feel pressured to join their collab unless the idea seems really cool.

TL;DR: Don't worry too much about it.

ok thanks

but this guy really had some HUGE chunk of code for some sort of game

That's definitely unusual. Idk why they wanted to collab if they already had that much code. Even so, my advice still stands, it's best to just ignore this unless the collab idea actually looks cool.

Also, out of curiosity, how did they get in touch with you? You don't have any public projects, and I can't find you on discord.

i dont know, it just popped up. there was an invitation suddenly. no contact, nothing before that.

i am mostly active on community, and i am making a game.

thats why i am quite surprised by it.

Who is it? is it me?, I sometimes ask to collaborate but don't have any big sections of code and don't remember inviting anyone recently, whats the project called? it might be the big project someone made just called Public Collab. This is the project it might be. https://microstudio.dev/community/projectsharing/public-collab/1086/ I joined but it doesn't show you on the invite list, it was made by "Twice upon a Time" and the people in it are Me, sammy4141, and "Twice upon a time"

no TedCodes, it's not you

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