How does Math help with programming or learning to code?

I have a friend whos a lead programmer but he told me that his math is elementary level. He's not a game programmer so I guess he doesn't need high level of math.

Which got me thinking If I start brushing up on my math, how will it help me in game programming ?

I have always wanted to learn programming for games as a hobby but my Math is pretty weak.

Math knowledge definitely helps. But quite often your skills improve while you're 'on the job', as in while you program. Snooping through others source codes helps too.

With some basic trigonometry (sinus, cosinus) you can already create a lot of fancy stuff.

I wouldn't drive myself crazy about what you need, in the end it depends on what you try to create.
And you won't know before you get there. So just jump in and start programming :)

I'm not a math buff, a lot is trial and error, so I'm still learning too.

Live Long and Tinker

Exactly what tinkersmith said! Plus, if there is anything math intensive that you need but don't know how to do, you can always ask in the community, we're all here to help :)

Some good read:


I like this playlist:


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